Teaching for Life!

A World of Collaboration!
I have recently ended formal teaching after 31 years of hard work, which I loved so much! My teaching career brought much joy into my life. The whole idea of this wiki is to share our work with other educators and children from around the world. It is my every intention to encourage global collaboration and continue with my work on GlobalDreamers. I have been blessed with many awards throughout my career but my biggest and most satisfying award was working with children and educators from around the world through my International project Globaldreamers

In addition to my work with Globaldreamers I have been involved in my own enrichment program at America English School in our city for many years now with my partner and colleague Sarah. We try to advance children who have learning problems in English and we also have enrichment groups for children who are excellent learners. We work with different age groups of kids and it is also a great way for me to stay current with teaching even though I have now left the formal public school system.

New this year will be my involvement in the Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse. [The Wiki link is on the left, application can be found here.] The clubhouse will enable me to further involve people in the global dialogue started by Global Dreamers.