By Marsha Goren

URL: http://www.globaldreamers.org/road/index.html

Many years ago I wrote a workbook called "Road Safety with Love"- this workbook was put in the formal curriculum for teaching English in
Israel and I have updated many worksheets to share with you all. I also created a learning unit on my global dreamers website for educators
around the world. Feel free to download and enjoy. It is a very important subject in saving lives.

Description "My wish was to get students thinking about what causes accidents and how they can avoid them, Marsha Goren has developed a classroom project that combines road safety with technology. The idea was to bring children together by the power of the Internet to exchange ideas and share knowledge on the important subject of road safety. This innovative unit allows children to compare road safety with children from other countries and children have the opportunity to face this international problem of people who are dying on the roads everywhere every day or are seriously wounded on a daily basis.
I have been teaching road safety for years and a unit I developed years ago is part of the national curriculum in Israel. It is however old and I wanted to renew it with partners in our GlobalDreamers project with the hope that many schools will join us to save lives and produce better citizens. This unit can inspire children to take a deeper and more serious look at what causes road accidents. Partners from around the world have been responding and there are more than a dozen educators who are participating and have sent relevant materials all of which are included in our quest of saving lives.